Congratulations LaTanya Gittens!

LaTanya Gittens is no stranger when it comes to the word “Servant Leader.” LaTanya serves as a case manager and advocate against domestic violence against women and children. Spending her time in the field educating and mentoring women from various socio-economic backgrounds on the impact of domestic violence, LaTanya also spends countless hours finding safe housing to protect women and children from their abusers.
LaTanya’s concern and passion for the community doesn’t stop with her profession as an advocate. LaTanya was hired over a year ago as a part-time youth worker to help the Learning for Life/Exploring team to deliver quality and engaging programs to a variety of afterschool and week-end programs.  Giving up personal time to ensure youth in the Learning for Life/Exploring program are given the necessary tools to be successful is a true testament of her dedication and leadership. LaTanya is committed to trailblazing the community in a variety of services to help the less fortunate. These duties include: collection of women clothing, baby/toddler items, working closely with Milwaukee Police Department and the Judicial System to ensure women and children are afforded a quality and safe environment. LaTanya is currently in school studying Business Administration at Cardinal Stritch.  
Thanks Latanya for touching the lives you encounter on a daily base through your career, as well as the Learning for Life/Exploring program.  Your commitment has not gone unnoticed!
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