Lowe’s Eagle Scout Gift Card Program

The Lowe’s Gift Card program for Eagle Scouts is back for a second year, with some major changes. This program aids Scouts in paying for their Eagle Projects by granting a $100 gift card from Lowe’s to qualifying applicants. 
The major differences between Year 2 and Year 1 are as follows:
  • The national Advancement Team has been called upon to administer Year 2, and the national Advancement Committee has formed the Lowe's Service Project Task Force to assist in contacting local council volunteers to monitor and promote follow-up with Scout recipients.
  • Gift cards will be mailed directly to individual Scouts. Local councils are not responsible for receiving, recording, or distributing cards.
  • Councils must identify and electronically submit the names and postal addresses for each Eagle Scout candidate recipient. This will be done through the software the National Council uses to conduct most of its opinion surveys. It is recommended that council advancement committees coordinate the effort.
What are the Eagle Scout candidate's obligations?
Each grant recipient must agree to use the card solely for purchases of goods or services that contribute directly to his project. Cards must not be used to "reimburse" individuals for previous purchases. The Scout also agrees to electronically submit a very brief report on his project, and through the local council follow-up volunteer, send in his receipts from card expenditures, and a few before-and-after photographs of his project—preferably depicting the materials or supplies purchased with the gift card. If a Scout does not use his card or if it has a remaining balance after spending is finished, the card must be turned over to the council follow-up volunteer so it can be returned to the national Advancement Team. The card represents a gift restricted for use on an Eagle project. It is not the result of a fundraising effort, and is not to be turned over to the project beneficiary.
For more information about the obligations of the Scout recipients, go to www.scouting.org/trailtoeagle, and click on the link, "Scout Recipient's Obligations."
Each Scout recipient will receive a packet containing his gift card; what else will be in the packet.
The packet will include four items:
  1. a cover letter providing a link to the reporting website
  2. a sheet explaining the Scout's obligations
  3. the gift card with an explanation of usage rules
  4. a Lowe's poster, which must be displayed at the project site
Jim Reeder
District Director
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